Mobile App Conquesting Really Works

Here’s a Powerful Ecommerce Case Study That Proves It.

Mobile app conquesting is an incredibly powerful tactic in digital marketing today, but many marketers don’t understand its benefits or how to use it. That’s a shame, because it drives pretty astounding results!

To help you marketers out, we thought we’d not only explain how app conquesting works, but also share the results of a campaign we ran for a well-known ecommerce player in Europe.

Here’s how we explain mobile app conquesting in a previous blog post:

Mobile conquesting made things a little more interesting because it took location into consideration. Using geo-fencing technology, a marketer could target a user who was within range of a competitor location. For example, the consumer within steps of a Popeye’s begins seeing offers for free popcorn chicken at KFC. The shopper within feet of JC Penny is offered a free gift if they turn around and head to the Sears at the other end of the mall. This type of mobile conquesting can even be executed after a user has left the location, allowing marketers to create new audience segments that they can effectively target later on.

Mobile app conquesting take these same principles and applies them to application marketing. What that means is that marketers can target users who are actually using competitor apps. So – to use similar examples – the shopper using the JC Penny shopping app will see ads encouraging them to download the Sears app. The consumer who regularly orders meals with the Popeye’s app will be offered the KFC app.

Makes sense, right?

So, back to our client in Europe. This client wanted to drive installations of their app – and, of course, sales through their app – across the EU. As savvy marketers, they were focused on more than just sheer numbers. They wanted to target quality users who were more likely to make purchases. They made their goals clear and asked us to optimize their campaign for quality based on their specific post-install metrics.

At Cross Audience, we have scads of first-party data that covers audience segments around the world. We were able to develop for our client a custom segment of “International Ecommerce Shopaholics,” all of whom lived in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and who had household incomes of greater than $75K USD. That was step one.

Then, using our insanely effective mobile app conquesting technology, we were able to target shoppers in that segment who actually used ecommerce apps three to five times a week – and not just any ecommerce apps, but apps specifically identified as competitors by our client.

Then, since not everyone in Europe speaks English (surprise!), our in-house team developed copy for each country in the appropriate language, and using regionally-appropriate idioms, metaphors and images. It’s not always enough to just translate, after all – ads have to be relevant to audiences no matter who or where they are. What resonates with someone in England will not necessarily (and not likely) resonate with someone in France or Germany.

So how did it all work? Pretty well, if we do say so ourselves. Here’s a summary of results:

  • The campaign drove over TWO THOUSAND INSTALLS PER DAY! In total, over 182,000 app installs were completed over the life of the campaign.
  • The campaign delivered well-above industry average clickthrough rates, too. The average for app download campaigns is only .75 percent; our campaign achieved an overall CTR of 2.35 percent – more than three times the industry average. Interstitials in the campaign peaked at an unbelievable 5.90 percent CTR!
  • The client was thrilled that the campaign saw conversion rates averaging 2.75 percent and peaking at 6.85 percent with those interstitial ad units. Those large-format ads can be really effective on mobile – especially in app conquesting campaigns!
  • Optimizing for “item searches,” a post-installation events requested by advertiser, we were also able to help our client increase the percentage of consumers who searched an item by over 300 percent.

As you can see, mobile app conquesting really works – even in the US. We’ve got case studies that make that point pretty clear as well! Give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to tell you more!