Five Compelling Reasons to Try The Cross Audience Mobile DSP

A Mobile DSP that makes RTB, DIY

Last month, we launched enhancements to our demand-side platform (DSP) that make it one of the best options for mobile advertisers. (Yes, we know every platform provider says the same thing, but we’re confident we’re right!) The first and most important reason is that our DSP is built for mobile. Others on the market are made for the traditional web, designed to handle IAB standard display formats and place them within more traditional digital publications. Ours is engineered for you, the mobile marketer, and it’s intended to place mobile ads on mobile sites, targeting on-the-go mobile users. That sets it apart from the get-go. Here are a few other reasons to consider the Cross Audience DSP:

  1. It’s easy: One of the most important things you need to know about this DSP is that it’s built for YOU, the mobile marketer – not your agency. With the Cross Audience platform, RTB becomes DIY. You don’t need an agency to do it for you anymore. That means you have more control, and that you have more budget to put toward your media buys.
  2. It’s flexible: When you work with other platforms, you’re frequently working with a program that is meant to be one-size-fits-all, built for Every Marketer. Of course, platforms that are built for everyone never really fit anyone perfectly; they’re generally just “good enough.” That’s just not the case with our DSP. Not only is our interface intuitive an actually easy to use, It’s flexible in every way. You can customize the interface to align with your goals and your personal preferences – without any coding.
  3. It’s scalable: Yes, most DSPs are scalable, but with our DSP bigger campaigns don’t necessarily mean more work. With the Cross Audience DSP, you can reach all the major exchanges, targeting as few or as many mobile users as reach your profile. Our interface allows you to tap into a vast trove of mobile inventory on the industry’s biggest mobile ad exchanges.
  4. It’s AI-driven: Did we not mention that before? You can pretty much put your campaigns on autopilot, because the Cross Audience DSP has auto-optimization software that follows whatever rules you set – so you can achieve your campaign goals with less hours spent in the interface. Our dynamic bidding algorithm can also ensure you’re getting the best prices for your inventory. Of course, you can kick it old school and do everything “by hand” if you’d rather.
  5. It’s creative: Your creatives – no matter if they’re video or HTML5, or some other huge format – upload super-fast. And, with our AI-driven platform, you can quickly and easily spin off new iterations to test across audiences.

But again, the most important thing you need to know about the latest version of our DSP is that it’s built for mobile. It’s one of the very few DSPs out there that is specifically mobile-focused. And because it’s so easy to use, you can skip the programmatic agency and do it all yourself. If that sounds scary, it shouldn’t: the Cross Audience team’s got your back. We’ve got all kinds of support ready to ensure your campaigns are more efficient, effective and successful than they’ve ever been.

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